tab space in html


I want to add 5/10 spaces in html at a lot of places. What is the better alternative using css or otherwise .. instead of writing   so many times :(

Please reply .. thanks !
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jimyXConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I am not familiar with css, but to add many spaces, I do use <pre>:
<PRE>     </PRE>
hipalAuthor Commented:
Using pre still I have to write  nbsp   :(
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Not actually. If you used it this way:

<PRE>hipal     hipal</PRE>

Then you will get your five spaces between the two words.
hipalAuthor Commented:
I do not want to use pre ..becoz I want to give spaces in my list items .. where pre is not working ..

or may be I am doing something wrong
hipalAuthor Commented:
Can someone please elaborate more on padding-right:5em thing ..

Asim NazirCommented:
If you are using CSS, I would suggest the following:

p:first-letter { text-indent:1em; }

This will indent the first line like in traditional publications.
hipalAuthor Commented:
no I want to give 5 spaces at random places and not just start or a fix place ..

thanks for reply though :(
jrm213jrm213Connect With a Mentor Commented:
There is no tab in html. Programs basically do with it what they want some completely ignore it like html. Some programs may represent a tab as 1 empty space, 3 empty spaces, 5 empty spaces etc... it is the programs choice of how it wants to represent a piece of data.

This article gives a number of ways to emulate a tab space:

People have provided you the alternatives you are looking for, no matter what - you are going to need to "emulate" your spaces...

The only other thing I could think to do is to put a span around your text and use css to pad it left or right...

Hello <span style="padding-left: 3em;">Dave</span> how are you today.
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