Windows XP Explorer Hangs while trying to access a Network Drive


I am having an odd problem accessing a network drive through windows explorer, here is what my system setup looks like( Image attached).
 Desktop- Mapped Network Drive Configuartion
All the network drives are actually pointing to the same Server, its just different folders have been given Network drives.

I can access all the other network drives except the Word(\\Data) (M) drive. which is really odd as this is on the same server as all the other network drives which i can access.

This problem also occurs while trying to access through Microsoft word.

System setup:

Windows XP service Pack 3.
Network drives are mounted via logon script on start up.

I have Tried:

Rebooting the System
Disconnecting Network Drive and Reconnecting.
Checked Network Card
Checked if other users can access the same Network Drive
Logged on to the same computer as another user and was able to successfully open the M drive.

Its only when Log in with a specific user i cannot access M drive.

Thanks in Advance for any help.
 Desktop- Mapped Network Drive Configuartion
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ebooyensConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Try creating a new profile for the user, so reboot and log on as an administrator, rename the user's profile folder under c:\documents and settings, then log off and let the user log back on.  Just to test if there's something wrong with the profile, if it works you'll need to bring all their documents etc. across and set up Outlook again.
can you access this folder on another computer logged on as the user in question?

to me it sounds more like a permissions problem than a PC Fault, especially if other users can access this folder on this PC.
So logging on as a different user on the same machine works fine?  And the same user from another machine?

Any events in the eventvwr at the time of trying to access the share?

What Antivirus are you using?  And server OS?
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Just a 'stupid' question, but does this user has access rights to that folder on the server?
X-quisiteAuthor Commented:
I can access this Network drive from another computer logged in as the user in question.

Using Mcafee Antivirus.

User has full read and write access to the drive.

User can browse to folder via Netork Places on the same computer.

Nothing significant in the event viewer.

Very strange.  Yeah I would look at things like AV (unloading it completely, making sure network drives are excluded) next.

So nothing in event viewer?
X-quisiteAuthor Commented:
In event viewer i get this message.

The shell Stopped Unexpectedly and explorer.exe wae restarted.

This appears after I close the explorere window.

What do u mean by AV?

Antivirus.  Yeah as you say that's after you kill explorer so not very helpful.
Thanks for the points!
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