Pop and imap access for google mail not working


we are using google apps (the free version) for our company and one of the email accounts no longer works with POP and IMAP, we are able to access the email account using the web browser but we always get a
"your email server rejected your login" when trying to connect via POP and IMAP

- i´ve tried using pop.googlemail.com and pop.gmail.com
- and when trying imap using imap.googlemail.com and imap.googlemail.com
- smtp.gmail.com and smtp.googlemail.com
- the username and password are correct
- i´ve unlocked the captcha multiple times with success
- i´ve changed password
- i´ve tried both TLS and SSL and the two diffirent ports for smtp
- disabled and re-enabled pop and imap in the web interface
- tried from diffirent computers with diffirent pop and imap clients

basically i´ve followed these instructions

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war1Connect With a Mentor Commented:
There was a Google server problem for some IMAP and POP3 users this morning.  Google has fixed the problem. You should be able to access your account with IMAP and POP3 access via email client.
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