Autodiscover prompt on two computers pointing to old, dead server

We have had exchange 2010 running for a while now, but last year we had another server that was decommissioned. There are two computers that are getting autodiscover prompts about changes when they open outlook, but instead of pointing to they point to

I went through the registry on the computers because I figured it was in there, but I can't find any entries pointing to oldserver.

Has anyone seen this?
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I know this may be a workaround, but try to put the autodiscover entry in the host file of the computers affected:

What happens if you create a new outlook profile?  It may be a setting in the profile that simply is not being updated.  
Making Bulk Changes to Active Directory

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Check your DNS settings on the client?
willlandymoreAuthor Commented:
DNS settings point to our two main DNS servers where autodiscover points to

I haven't created a new profile yet, but I will

I'll add that entry to the hosts file and see if that improves the situation
1) Do these two computers have a static configuration (TCP/IP) and if so, do they have the old servers configured in DNS?
2) What does the exchange server resolve to in their Outlook account settings?
willlandymoreAuthor Commented:
The Exchange server resolves to the right address and the DNS servers are the current ones we use.

Are there some settings in something like adsiedit.msc that might have old pointers to autoconfigure?
willlandymoreAuthor Commented:
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