Cisco Router with Two WIC cards

I need to configure traffic to go through three routers.

We have three branches and three routers.

Lets call them Branch1, Branch2 (Has two WIC cards) and Branch3.

Branch 1 (WIC1) needs to communicate on  to Branch2 (WIC 1).
Branch 2 (WIC2) needs to communicate on to Branch3 (WIC 1) .
They all need to communicate with each other.

Any Ideas?
Network ITAsked:
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asavenerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Sure, it's called a star topology.

You can either configure a routing protocol, such as EIGRP, or just use static routes.

Branch 1 routes to branch 2, which in turn routes to branch 3.

Your other option is to get a connection between branch 1 and 3, but that might be cost prohibitive.
Network ITAuthor Commented:
This what I am looking for..Thanks
Network ITAuthor Commented:
Ok, my problem is that I cannot get the two serials in Router 2 (This router has two Serial Wic cards s0 and s1) to communicate with each other.

Branch one can talk to Branch two, but not branch three.
Branch three can talk to branch two, but not branch one.
I believe you need to start a new question.
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