PDF Extraction to Excel

I have a multiple page scanned PDF document that contains several 1 page invoices.  I need a solution to OCR the document so that the data may be extracted and then select specific fields from the document to export them to a spreadsheet.  The specific fields are repeated on each page.

I've looked at a couple of solutions, but you have to copy each field from all pages to extract the data fields that I want and that takes too much time.
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jppintoConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Did you tryed PDF2XL? Take a look at my review to this program on my blog here:


curtconnerAuthor Commented:
jppinto:  The OCR piece didn't work very well with the document that I'm scanning.  Loved the features, but the OCR failed.
InfoStrangerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Do you have Adobe Acrobat?

My instructions below are for Acrobat 8.0.  To convert picture to text using OCR,
1) open PDF in Acrobat
2) Select Document Menu
3) Select OCR Text Recognition
4) Recognize Text Using OCR...
5) Click OK

You may want to try this first then try it again.  The OCR may not work as well if the document is faded or too crooked.
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redmondbConnect With a Mentor Commented:

I've frequently used ABBYY FineReader for tasks such as this. (My version is V8, the current is V10 - http://www.abbyy.com/.)

Initially, you create a template specifying the fields that you want to extract from the invoice (a few minutes work for a typical invoice layout) and set up a job to open, read and export the fields to Excel (another minute's work).

From then on, simply run the job which opens the PDF, OCRs the required fields and exports them to Excel.

jyk_ausConnect With a Mentor Commented:

Have you considered purchasing the full version of Acrobat Reader?  Amongst other things it has the facility to convert PDF to quite a few formats, Excel included.

See here:

Best regards
viki2000Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Try this http://www.abbyyusa.com/finereader/
It is programmable with macros, has customizable areas...
Thanks, curtconner.

Hope it worked out OK in the end.

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