Open access using a command line exclusive as a hyperlink

I am using Microsoft Expression Web 3 and Access 2003, 2007.  I am opening a database from a page with a hyperlink with the path of the database.   I want to open the database exclusively but it does not allow the /excl paramater.  

e.g.  c:\database.mdb

I have tried using a batch file but it opens the batch file in edit mode from the web page.  The batch file will work when I double click on it from explorer.

"C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\OFFICE11\MSACCESS.EXE" c:\database.mdb /excl    
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IT-FactoryConnect With a Mentor Commented:
does this help?

<input type=button value="Open Quotes" onclick="launch('o:\cognos\corporate\database\custquotes.mdb /excl')">
<script language="Javascript">
function launch(sApp) {,...)
execute as """c:\database.mdb""" /excl

watch the "
cc22Author Commented:
This is the actual address on the hyperlink page:  file:///c:/database.MDB

Where do I put the quotes?
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use a cmd file

in database.cmd put c:\database.mdb /excl

then start file://c:\database.cmd
cc22Author Commented:
file:/o:/cognos/batch/quotes.cmd  - opens command file in edit mode

command file executes when I double click on it

o:\cognos\corporate\database\custquotes.mdb /excl  

why do you want to use the link via the address bar? Is a button on a html page also ok?
cc22Author Commented:
A button is o.k.  I am using it in a menu that I have that is also linking to excel reports.  When I do I search for the database it put the prefix 'FILE:' in front of the database.
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