Linux distro for using as a proxy server and VPN-server with Windows 2008R2 domain authentication


What would be the most simple-to-setup distro for small (up to 200 users) gateway with windows domain authentication?
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mccrackyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Would pfsense fit the bill?  

(This is for Win2003 server, but should be similar)

Otherwise, I'd look at:

laughelementalAuthor Commented:
Sorry, but windows  domain auth is not supported there. Nor officially nor non-officially. That is a main reason we are trying to set up new gateway (now we are using Clearos 5.2) but we didn't manage to make domain auth there.
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laughelementalAuthor Commented:
Well I was not completely clear maybe.
I do not need to join my Windows Server into Clearos domain.
Instead, I already have Windows 2008 R2 domain and am trying to makesome  gateway with Windows accounts binding so that traffic quotas are enabled for all users
laughelementalAuthor Commented:
Not very nice 'coz they cost. No free solution, Really?
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