Access denied when I want to sync offline files


This is my situation :
I have a HomeDirectory as :
The sync works fine.

I migrate all the data to a new file server (Netapp bay), now the HomeDirectory is like that :

Then the user has a network drive S:\, which point to \\server_2\folder\%username%.
When I want to make this drive available with offline files I have an error message "Access Denied".

I don't understand why, the user has all right to his HomeDir.

Thanks in advance for your help, it's urgent.
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squickelConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You may need to set the Share permissions as well as the permissions on the folder?
You may need to kill the cache and rebuild it with the new mapped drive.
croustimielAuthor Commented:
OK, how can I make it ?
I already make Ctrl+SHIFT + Suppress file and reboot.
And after right click on the network drive and "make available offline files"

What can I do ?

croustimielAuthor Commented:
The user has the RW rights on his folder %username%.
On "folder", "everyone" has all rights too for share permission
croustimielAuthor Commented:
Infact, it was that.
Shame on me, I didn't see that.

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