Passing date as text in different format in Excel


I need to take todays date and add it to the end of a function as itself in a separate format, then I need to take the date from a month ago, from 6 months ago, and from 12 months ago and do the same thing. This isn't very clear and is best illustrated with an example.

I have a date:

=TODAY()      -> 3/23/2011

I need this date to become a text string in the form of:

CellA1: 20110323

which gets added to some text in a function:


Which should result in my final text becoming "TEXT=20110323"

I then need to do this for a month ago and 6 months ago and a year ago.

Right now I create the date =TODAY() in the format yyyymmdd, but when I add this to the end of my string, it becomes 40625, the converted Microsoft date.

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zorvek (Kevin Jones)Connect With a Mentor ConsultantCommented:
Any date can be formatted as you desire with:


zorvek (Kevin Jones)ConsultantCommented:
To find dates so many months in the past use the EDATE function:

EDATE(StartDate, Months) - Returns the date time serial number of the date that is the indicated number of months before or after the parameter StartDate. Requires the Analysis Toolpak.

keats88Author Commented:
Oh man, that worked. I have no idea why I thought it wouldn't and didn't bother trying it. Thanks
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And to get to the 3, 6 12 months ago, your best bet is to install the analysis toolpak add-in and use the edate formula. So with Kevin's suggestion


will give you the date 6 months ago, as text in the right format

zorvek (Kevin Jones)ConsultantCommented:
So, to do what you want with a date six months in the past:


keats88Author Commented:
Thanks guys, this other stuff is helpful too, I wish I hadn't already picked the solution so I could give you guys some points. Sorry :-(
Most of the you guys are the one you accepted the solution of, so I guess you're fine.

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