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Add Database Mail Icon to Workspace with LotusScript


I am trying to come up with a button that would use LotusScript to open the Address Book and let the user choose which Mail to open. Once opened I would like the Icon to the Mailbox to appear on the user's workspace.

Basically, I am trying to do the same thing as File>Application>Open when you choose the server and then mail file.

A common request is when user's delegate access to their mail and calendar, they want the icon on the workspace.

Is this possible or would I need to code the mail file/database to open?


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1 Solution
Why write code when it's a built-in feature?

1) The Domino Directory has a button for opening a Person's email.  Open Person document, click on "Open Mail File".

2) The Email app has a setting where you add links to others' email.  From Inbox - More (or Tools) \ Preferences.  From the prefs screen - Access & Delegation tab \ Shortcut to Others' Mail tab.
ajl7519Author Commented:

That is exactly what they tell the users and I have instructions for doing so, but they insist upon having the icon on their Workspace. When they open the mail via "open another person's mail," it does not place the icon on their Workspace.
Isn't Call notesUIWorkspace.AddDatabase( server$ , filename$ ) what you're looking for?
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ajl7519Author Commented:
Thanks, that is what I have for starters right now. Problem is I want to the user to use the address book and maybe even form field so they can select the mailbox they want added.

Trying to find the way to pull that information once the person is selected and pass it to server and filename variables to the script.

This is what I have now.

Sub Click(Source As Button)
	Dim w As New NotesUIWorkspace
	Call w.AddDatabase( "server", "filename.nsf")
End Sub

Open in new window

Well, here's the code.  Still kind of silly to write custom code for this since the "Open Mail File" button in the directory does add the icon to the workspace.
Dim workspace As New NotesUIWorkspace
	Dim selection As Variant
	selection = workspace.Pickliststrings(PICKLIST_NAMES, False)
	Dim directory As New NotesDatabase("MIS390", "names.nsf")
	Dim users As NotesView
	Dim user As NotesDocument
	Set users = directory.Getview("($Users)")
	Set user = users.Getdocumentbykey(selection(0), true)
	Dim server As String
	Dim filepath As String
	server = user.Getitemvalue("MailServer")(0)
	filepath = user.Getitemvalue("MailFile")(0)
	workspace.AddDatabase server, filepath
	workspace.Opendatabase server, filepath

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Sorry, I should have mentioned to replace "MIS390" above with your actual Domino server name.
ajl7519Author Commented:
Thanks, I will give it a try. Forgot to mention the Open Mail File button in the Directory is access restricted.
ajl7519Author Commented:
Worked perfect. Thanks so much.
Glad to help!
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