Outlook 2010 - Connecting an Exchange Server Account

When connection Outlook 2010 to Exchange, or adding credentials if that box pops up for some reason, the default that fills is the username is user@domain.com.  However, for the credentials to be accepted it apparently has to be in the form of domain\user.  Where, if anywhere, have I gone wrong in the setup and how can I change it?
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aucklandnzConnect With a Mentor Commented:
server configuration > client access
under Outlook Web App double click OWA Authentication Tab
make sure that authentication method is the same on server and client if you use outlook anywhere

Server configuration>client access> go to server properties >outllook anywhere

and in outlook Account setting > your email account > more settings >connections> exchange proxy settings

Candyman8888Author Commented:
Both are set for Basic Authentication.
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You want the user me to match the users email address rather then the domain\username is that correct?

Does signing in with username@internaldomain.local or whatever work instead of the domain\username?  If so we could change that. You could create another UPN to match your public domain.
Candyman8888Author Commented:
At this point username@internaldomain.local does not appear to work.  only domain\username.  I'm not familiar with UPN.  Can you explain what that is and what it does?
klouxConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can see the UPN under AD sites and services or in an AD account. This would be a users full login. Username@domain.local for example. You can modify the UPN to be whatever you want. If using your current UPN is not working then I would follow the first comment that was posted. That's where you can configure what information is required for the OWA page. You should be able to choose between a few options like username or domain\username.
Candyman8888Author Commented:
Both answers led me to the right fix.  Thank you.
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