Random Motion Generator for Adobe Premiere

I'm doing a photo slide show and want to add some basic movement to the pictures...zoom in/out, rotate, pan.  I can add the movement to each picture individually, but does anyone know of a plugin or something that will add some random motion keyframes to them?  I can go back and tweak ones I don't like, but it's just time consuming to set each keyframe manually.  Thanks.

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bruno71Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Oh, for the love of Pete...never mind!

Apparently I am really bad at describing stuff.   ...Or you're just not getting it.  For the last time, I don't need to apply a "default transition".  Any answer you give me that involves "Automate to Sequence" or that uses the word "transition" is not the right answer.  There is a big difference between 'trasition' and 'motion' in Premiere.

And since no one else has posted, I'm assuming I won't find the answer here.

This question can be closed.
Nero Vison I can set transitions and effects for images and apply to a set amount ie randomise etc,
do you have Photoshop or Elements ?
since i dont use it  also in windows 7 windows live movie maker is very good.
These guys explain how to do this in Premier Elements., http://www.elementsvillage.com/forums/showthread.php?t=37579
this oen also gives some insights
bruno71Author Commented:
I'm using Premiere CS3...not Elements.  
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Does this assist you, sorry it is a google search but I dont have CS3
Apply transitions to all photos in the timeline at once in PP 1.5
bruno71Author Commented:
I'm well aware of how to use the 'Automate to Timeline' feature.  If you read my original question, you would see that I need to "add some basic movement to the pictures...zoom in/out, rotate, pan."  ...not transitions.
bruno71Author Commented:
Any ideas on this one?  Anybody?  I'm looking to add some randomly generated motion (scale/position/rotation) to still images in Premiere...
bruno71 I read your original question,
you say tomarto I say tomato,
I say transitions or effects you say>add some basic movement to the pictures...zoom in/out, rotate, pan."  ...not transitions.
I use Nero Vision and windows Live Moviemaker and various authoring tools, they all have an option a setting tansitions or effects area to apply random transitions to all.
So unless you can provide a better description of what you need I think transitions is teh right word.
Please look here using Adobe CS3
Work with default transitions
Add the default transition between clips
Click a track header to target the track where you want to add the transition.
Position the current-time indicator at the edit point where the two clips meet.
You can use the Next Edit and Previous Edit buttons in the Program Monitor.
Choose Sequence > Apply Video Transition or Sequence > Apply Audio Transition, depending on the target track. Note:
You can add the default video transition between clips in a video track by pressing Ctrl+D (Windows) or Command+D (Mac OS).
You can add the default audio transition between two clips in an audio track by pressing Ctrl+Shift+D (Windows) or Command+Shift+D (Mac OS).

Specify a default transition
Choose Window > Effects and expand the Video Transitions or Audio Transitions bin.
Select the transition that you want to make the default.
Click the Menu button for the Effects panel.
From the Effects panel menu, choose Set Selected As Default Transition.
Set the duration of the default transition

bruno71Author Commented:
OK...let's clarify...

A transition is applied "between" two clips.  Such as a cross-fade...clip A fades out while clip B fades in.  I am good with the default transition, automate to sequence, etc...  Granted, the transitions can be found on the 'Effects' panel and there are some transitions that use the word 'Zoom'.

"Zoom in/out, rotate, pan" is not a transition between two clips...it is motion applied to a single clip.  For example...clip A (a still image) zooms in (motion) slightly AND THEN cross-fades (transitions) to clip B which zooms out (motion) slightly.  Scale, position, & rotation can be found in Premiere CS3 on the 'Effect Controls' panel under 'Motion'

I want to apply random motion to individual clips.

...so you say tomato, I say asparagus.

I hope this is a better description of what I need.

I like asaparagus too :P
Yes I understand
you described how the effects work perfectly it's the same in WLMM and NV
And your looking for a way to automate this?
 I can't find any plugins that will automate and use randamised effects for all your clips.
But the guys  at CS3 shows how to
Since we're not allowed to post url from other forums I'll just have to copy and paste
so I cant take credit for it.
The question was,
Someone could tell me if there is chance to put the same video transition automatically, This is, Do not have to put one by one.
I have several videos (pictures) and wanted for the same transition, But I am only able to place one by one.

Answer provided
You would first select your pictures / footage in the project panel, then choose Project > Automate to sequence. A window will popup asking for clip length, transition type etc.

Open up a new timeline, import all of your assets into a new bin ('Photos', for example), select all of the assets inside that new bin (selecting the first item, holding the SHIFT key, then selecting the last item is probably the fastest method to do this).

At the bottom of the PROJECT window you will see several icons. From the far left, they are LIST VIEW, ICON VIEW, then one that looks like a bar graph called AUTOMATE TO SEQUENCE. Click this last icon, and a small window pops up with your options.

Towards the bottom of this pop up window you will see check boxes that say APPLY DEFAULT VIDEO TRANSITION. You probably don't need the default audio transition, so de-select that. Above these checkboxes is a section that says CLIP OVERLAP. Select SECONDS from the drop down menu and type in the amount of time for the dissolve to occur.

bruno71Author Commented:
No good answer found
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