no links in google

my site is and when I enter there are no links at all. I know I have internal other pages in my site. Looking at othere sites the internal links seem to show up.

How come I don't have any links? what would be the best/quickest way to get started?
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Matthew NguyenConnect With a Mentor Senior Associate: Social ListeningCommented:
I agree that using the search parameter "" is not an accurate way of finding out how many and which links link to your website.  In addition to using Google Webmaster Tools, I also use Open Site Explorer ""  This tool will give you information on total number of links, top linked to pages and anchor text related to the link.

Though link building is an ongoing process, a quick way to get started is to find some high quality directories and submitting your company information.  Another way is to find niche online communities related to your field that allow you to complete a member profile, which will usually allow you to enter in your company website (which can be publicly viewed).  Remember, getting links from websites with a high domain authority is where you will benefit, so gear your efforts in that direction.  Use the Open Site Explorer tool to do an analysis of the websites you are interested in getting a link from to determine what value you get.

For ongoing linkbuilding, as DotNetChano mentioned, start participating in forums, blogs and web communities that are related to your topic area.  Another option is do some Guest Blogging, offering your knowledge and expertise to other people's blogs.  The advantage here is most people will allow you to link back to your own website in the guest post for offering your expertise.  A site that I use that connects guest writers and blog owners is

Remember with backlinks, the important thing to keep in mind is making sure the linking site has a higher domain authority, the linking site is related to topic area of your website and the anchor text (clickable text) that links to your website.  

Let me know if you have more questions.
Dave BaldwinFixer of ProblemsCommented:
I think that Google has changed their policies regarding showing links that way.  If I do that for my site, it shows only 3 links.  If I go into my account with Google Sitemaps, there are hundreds.  Signup for Google Sitemaps and it will, after you submit your sitemap, start showing you the internal and external links to your pages.
ShawnAuthor Commented:
I am already signed up and have submitted my sitemap. In webmastertools I have many more links, both internal and external...but not when I do a google search. that is my issue.

if you look at a competitor in google search they have both internal and external links.
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Dave BaldwinFixer of ProblemsCommented:
They have many more links without the 'link:' in front of it.  It looks like they are a bigger company and have done more advertising.  If you want to have as many links in Google as they do, go look at where they are linked from and see if you can get those same people or their competitors to link to you, especially in articles and reviews.
ShawnAuthor Commented:
agreed. they are a bigger company and I have alreday a list of sites they link to. that is my plan, to get similar links based on the better competiotrs. this doesn't really address my 2 part question though...

a)How come I don't have any links?
maybe if I rephrase this..."what are ways google recognises a backlink (when using opposed to a general google search without the "link:"....regarding both internal and external links.

b)what would be the best/quickest way to get started?
if I do not know the distinction in the first part I am not sure how to get started here. Of course I can copy what others have done but it would be nice to do this with a little more knowledge on which backlinks count and which count less.
Dave BaldwinConnect With a Mentor Fixer of ProblemsCommented:
It has always appeared to me that "" is not a good way to check for links to your pages.  Especially when you see that you get many more listings when you take off the "link:" part.  It has never been useful to me.  In addition Google has changed their methods over the years.  I think you should ignore it, especially you can see the links in your Sitemap account.

All that Google is willing to tell you is in the links on this page:  Google has said over and over again that they try to represent the things that people link to and search for.  It ends up being a popularity contest where more is better.  Advertise to your potential customers and get them to talk about you and link to you.  It takes time to build up your reputation so that you rise in the search results.
DotNetChanoConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I think you are talking about "backlinks" rather than links. A backlink comes from outside of your site, so you wont see any results from a "" search if you only have links that come from inside your site.

A good way to start building backlinks is to:

A. Comment on blogs or news stories that you read and leave a link to your site inside the comment (Below your name at the end of your comment)

B. Get active on some web forums and create a signature that contains a link to your site.

C. Find other sites that are similar to yours and start requesting "link exchanges" with them, where you link to their site (where appropriate), and they link to yours (where appropriate)

In addition there are many other BlackHat (not illegal, but frowned upon) ways to generate backlinks. If you want more info on that you will need to put your email on here and I will email you a link to a couple sites that can help you.
ShawnAuthor Commented:
thx, great advice.
>>high quality directories
any examples..or how to find them?
ShawnAuthor Commented:
almost ready to close this question but  just posted another related question here

mattdnguyen: seems your open site explorer really brought up a can of worms :-}
Matthew NguyenSenior Associate: Social ListeningCommented:
Uh oh, hope it was good worms at least.

As far as high quality directories, some general directories I use are Yahoo Directory, DMOZ (may be hard to get listed). CrunchBase, Manta and  Remember, these are just a starting point, the more niche and related the linking sites are, the better.

Another tool you can use is through SEOmoz, go to, there are number link building tools on there for free (though paying for the service and getting access to all the tools is well worth the money).  The "Juicy Link Finder" is a tool I like to use and where could possibly get links from.  I think the tool also pulls search results for directories as well.

I'll head over to your other question and hopefully can give you some tips there too.

ShawnAuthor Commented:
the picture is getting clearer now. thx again
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