Local Exchange Server 2003 and hosted inbound mail?

I have just taken over the administration of a server and it has Exchange Server 2003 SP2 on Windows Server 2003 Standard. This is not a public server (not public IP address for it).

The Exchange Server is sending out email (SMTP) and pulling email from Postini for inbound.  Unfortunately I am not extremely familiar with Exchange Server and I have never used Postini before.

It looks relatively straight forward; however, I am unsure of how Exchange knows to get the email from Postini or how Postini sends the inbound emails to it.

My questions:

1. Can you tell me how to determine the flow? Outbound, inbound etc.
2. If I were to move the inbound portion to another provider, say GoDaddy; how would that be done?
3. What, in your opinion, is the best reference book for administrating Exchange Server 2003.

Thank you for your time and help.

- Adam
Adam DIT Solutions DeveloperAsked:
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NetfloConnect With a Mentor Commented:

Exchange will receive emails from Postini, just the same way as it would be receiving from the internet. It does not pull or poll, just waits patiently to receive and process. Heads up, you may find that your virtual SMTP adaptor is configured only to receive email from Postini IP addresses, this setting may also be on your firewall for port 25 traffic inbound and possibly outbound too.

Okay for this part, Exchange 2003 out of the box does not have a utility to collect via POP3, unless you have a SBS 2003 which will have a POP3 connector. You can go two ways about this, depending on your budget and time. (1) Invest in a centralised third party POP3 connector, such as POPCON http://www.servolutions.com/popcon.htm or (2) configure POP3 on each users Outlook to poll from GoDaddy. Note that if the users Outlook is closed, OWA or mobile access will not be up to date.

I would personally recommend option 1, it'll save you time and troubleshooting later on.

With respect to materials, I can suggest to go ahead and learn the Microsoft Exchange course to provide good fundamentals, however as you are actively managing an Exchange environment which needs to be maintained I would possibly look at the Exchange 2003 Administrators Guide. Best source of knowledge is the internet, MS KB articles and forums.

Remember to have a good backup of your Exchange server, should anything go wrong. Best of luck :)
Hi Adam,

1. Postini will have an IP to deliver mail to, at the very least, or multiple IPs configured on Postini, you can change this too.
2. If you're intending of chopping Postini out of the equation, you need to point your MX records away from Postini and point them to either your internal server via WAN IP or to another messaging provider. If GoDaddy is your domain DNS provider then this step would need be be carefully managed to ensure you have no downtime on email delivery.
3. For administering Exchange, your best book is the trusted MVPs out on the internet. Two who come to mind is Daniel Petri http://www.petri.co.il/ and Simon Butler AKA Sembee http://www.amset.info/

Hope this helps. Please feel free to pop me a message if you have any further questions.
Adam DIT Solutions DeveloperAuthor Commented:
Hi Netflo,

  Thank you for your information and quick response.

1. If Postini is delivering to an IP then Exchange waits until something is pushed to it? It does not actively PULL the emails?

2. I am interested in moving the email boxes to GoDaddy. I understand changing the MX records to point to GoDaddy, that's fine, but I still do not know what needs to be done so the local Exchange server will either grab the emails periodically (every few minutes) or get GoDaddy to push the emails to our server.

Again, all we have is a forwarding port in the firewall that directs 110 traffic to the internal server IP.

As for books, Petri is good, I like his site and have used it before, and Sembee I have not seen, but will look through.  I have seen some recommendations for MCSE and Exam Prep books to use as reference, but I did not know if there were any decent physical reference tombs out there. :)


- Adam
Adam DIT Solutions DeveloperAuthor Commented:
Very helpful.
Your welcome :)
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