bypass captcha

I am looking for a low-cost product that does can bypass captcha.
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Joshua TitsworthConnect With a Mentor Digital Marketing SpecialistCommented: does, it's pretty cheap but the site isn't in english just fyi.
VapiSoftAuthor Commented:
1. It is not in English, so I don't now how it works and if I can test it, and how much it costs?
2. I clicked on the buy button (at the bottom) and received a "page doesn't exsits".

So I need something else.
footix2Connect With a Mentor Commented: offers 1000 Captcha bypassses for $1.39. It's a human/OCR hybrid system

VapiSoftAuthor Commented:
OK, I will take it If I cannot find a script/code that does it.
Did you try it?
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