Need tool for analyzing network bandwith

Can someone recommend a tool for analyzing network bandwith as it relates to upload and download speed?  I would love to know what it is using the network bandwith in our office.
Gary GordonSolution IntegratorAsked:
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Etherpeek is great, you need to mirror your outbound/internet port on your switch and connect it to a secondary NIC (or just directly to a PC). It checks everything down to the URL and the ethernet packets. Was a great tool for me to troubleshoot heavy users and to get them to stop (by sending them the list of URL's that they should NOT have been accessing (ie youtube etc)

I think that theres a trial version as well
You can use WallWatcher. It's a very simple tool:

Also you have NetFlow Analyzer here:

Ernie BeekExpertCommented:
Try PRTG: , one of my favorites.

Also check out: Lot's of good ones there.
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