how to move symantec antivirus 10.x client to sep 11?

These are 80 workstations using sav 10.x. I've setup a new symantec endpoint protection 11.0.5. How to move all these 80 clients to report to sep 11 instead?
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BalackConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
At the end, setup a new sep server is more faster. Change all the clients to this sep server by installing sep clients, and it works like charm.
jmlambConnect With a Mentor Technical Account ManagerCommented:

Those are the basic steps involved. For a more detailed version review the Installation Guide that comes with the media.
jmlambTechnical Account ManagerCommented:
I don't understand why you're not awarding points for this? The link I provided, in addition to referring you to the Installation Guide, provide the same information with which you said you performed anyway.
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