Motorola MC3190 not connecting via Wireless

I have several MC3090 and some new MC3190 wireless mobile computers;  all of the MC3090's connect happily with my D-Link, Cisco and Watchguard wireless AP/Routers;  however the 3190 will connect then disconnect (except with the DLink which they do connect properly)
With the Watchguard and Cisco they get an error 'association timeout' and 'key negotiation timeout'
which shows in the wireless log on the handheld device
Help greatly appreciated - they are all set up to use WPA PSK/TKIP ascii
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jdf999Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I managed to resolve the issue myself;  I needed to turn off REGULATORY
WEP and WPA are two different security protocols.  Is your security key setup as a word/phrase or a hexidecimal key?

WPA uses the word/phrase format. Ex: 'Schnitzel' or 'The quick brown fox'
WEP uses the hexidecimal keys either 10 digits or 26 digits long.  Ex: 'abb724edc9'

this can help you
Hmm Good news

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