How to Re-Size .GIF

we use lotus notes at work and use SAMETIME to instant message. You can send GIFS over IM but there is a size restriction, the max size is 131072 bytes. IS there some freeware i can dl or something that comes on windows xp to resize the GIF?
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OP_ZaharinConnect With a Mentor Commented:
- you might interested with GIF Resizer. you an resize it no matter its animated or normal GIF file. if your GIF is animated GIF, it will maintain the animated format. download for free:
I use Xnview and Nconvert for image manipulation (resize included)
I think is great. It's a good, free, simple, paint package. Easy to resize images as well as various other things.
Emmanuel GleizerCommented:
I use command line and/or dll with 
free fast lot of possibilities
richardjones1025Author Commented:
Most user friendly and FREE to download.
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