watchguard xtm 505 add a static ip

i want to add a secondary ip to my watchguard. where do i had it
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dpk_walConnect With a Mentor Commented:
As I understand the scenario is:
You already have one static IP from ISP; say; now you have additional 13 more IPs; say from

You wish to use these additional public IPs to forward incoming traffic to internal server and use these IPs for NAT/VPN other purposes.

Yes, the configuration for adding public IP to WG interface would be same; form policy manager you would add secondary network.

If you wish to use a specific public IP for 1-1 NAT; then do not add the IP as secondary address; just configure 1-1 NAT.

Thank you.
Do you wanted to add 2 static IPs for one interface?

or you are planning to configure second ISP in watchguard?
GCI_SUPPORTAuthor Commented:
one interface 13 ip
GCI_SUPPORTAuthor Commented:
i forgot to say that is a network public address, it is the same way ?
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