Unable to receive emails, but able to send

Suppose if any organisation is unable to receive emails however it is able to send emails. Then at that cost what troubleshooting can be done. There is no issue in firewall.
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Craig BeckConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Check your DNS records.

To send mail to you, your public DNS zone needs a MX record.

Alan HardistyCo-OwnerCommented:
What version of Exchange do you have?

Was inbound mailflow working and then suddenly stopped on Exchange 2007 / 2010?


Did your firewall get rebooted and lose it's config, so now port 25 isn't open?  www.canyouseeme.org - test port 25

kunalclkAuthor Commented:
Inbound mailflow is okay. Version is 2010. Please tell any special comments on 2003 if in future it occurs in it, since we have one of our clients with the same issue. MX record looks good, since earlier it there was no issues. Rechecked, all is good. No SMTP blokage at port 25.
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Alan HardistyConnect With a Mentor Co-OwnerCommented:
Well - With Exchange 2007 / 2010 - Backpressure is a 'feature' that will stop inbound mail-flow all of a sudden if resources are low - which my article tackles.

For Exchange 2003 - the usual cause is someone messing with the SMTP Authentication on the SMTP Virtual Server.  Anonymous HAS to be enabled - but some people remove it thinking it is a security risk - then their mail stops and they wonder why!

Basic & Integrated Windows Authentication are the other two authentication methods enabled by default and those can present a security risk, especially if no-one needs to authenticate to the server to send it mail from a mail client using SMTP / POP3.  My blog covers that scenario:

kunalclkAuthor Commented:
Okay what I understand Alan that basically the anonymous authentication is the one that causes issues. However Please tell What is Backpressure? Backpressure is a new ‘feature’ in Exchange 2007 / 2010 where Exchange actually monitors resources such as Free Disk Space on the disk where the Exchange Message Queue / Message Queue Transaction Logs live and the Memory that the Edgetransport.exe process is using and memory in general used by other processes. How [...]

The How answer

Alan HardistyConnect With a Mentor Co-OwnerCommented:
This will explain it better than I can:


Exchange 2010 is very similar.
kunalclkAuthor Commented:
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