Convert an oracle 9.x database from a solaris platform to a linux platform

I have a customer who wants to convert several Oracle 9.x databases from a solaris platform to a linux platform. Assume that the database is 30GB in size. what might be the most efficient way to do this, and what are the gotchas?

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easiest way....

create new database on linux
export then import
gotcha would be if you changed character sets

also ensuring you have the same file system structure for the datafiles.
if not,  after creating the new database, create tablespaces that are in the original
but put the datafiles whereever you want.

on import you'll get a warning that the tablespaces already exist and then the import will continue as normal.
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johnsoneSenior Oracle DBACommented:
As sdstuber said, exp/imp is the easiest way to go.

However, just to throw another idea out there...

Consider transportable tablespaces.  In this case each data file is moved between the 2 systems and only the metadata about the files has to be exported/imported.  Since you are going across platform, I'm not sure how much of that is supported in 9i.  If it is supported, it would be documented in the Backup and Recovery Guide.  There are some steps you have to go through with RMAN to convert the data files between system architectures.  Again, I'm not 100% sure that moving between architectures was supported in 9i.  That may be a 10g feature.
solaris is big endian,  linux is little endian  so transportable tablespaces won't work in 9i
IT is not easily to switch your database linux to solaris  beacuse linux is small indian format  and solaris is in big inidan format.... u cant be


1. create same schema which is on solaris  ie.  create the same name of the database on linux
2. create a same tablespace and table name which ur mention on the solaria machine .
3. the use exp/imp utiliy  on a full back up
4. restore on linux machine with the emp/imp ulity  with  the full rstore....

 please read previous posts before replying to be sure you're not simply duplicating what has already been posted
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