Is there a better way to manage Global and Private Signatures in Groupwise 8?

we recently upgraded to Groupwise 8 on a Linux server and we are using console one to manage our users and settings. We want to be able to have more control over our disclaimer and corporate signature that groupwise has.

I know: there is a Global Signature in Groupwise ConsoleOne, but the HTML Editor is extremely limited and I can't find where it saves the HTML code so I can modify it to my needs.

Same with the personal signatures in GW8.02 client, you have a slightly advanced HTML Editor, but u can't view HTML source, and you can save multiple signatures, but I want to know where it saves it and if I can have access to the HTML code. As well there is no way to transfer the "template" HTML signature file and apply it to someone else.

I also Googled and most info is about GW6.5 and lower and they talk about "snapins" (addons) to GW Server such as "GWIASIG" which I'm affrait won't work or won't be compatible with my GW8 server. Mind you i'm only on a production server.

If you have any ideas please help me.
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Thank you for mentioning the version of GroupWise, and also some of your platform information.

I confess that I've not been hands-on with GW 8, but unless they've radically changed the underlying database architecture, I suspect a user's Personal Signature is stored in their User DB. That will be a file in the OFUSER sub-directory of the Post Office - the naming convention is USERxxx.DB, where xxx is the 3-character unique (within the Post Office) mailbox ID of the user. Practically all the other user-specific information is stored there - Rules, Preferences, Folders, pointers to the messages in the databases that the user has sent or received, etc.

Don't bother trying to read the file and look for the HTML - the database is encrypted.

Global Signatures are, I suspect, stored in Domain database (WPDOMAIN.DB). Again, encrypted, so you won't be able to read/modify it directly.

Do not use GWAVAsig. It sounds like you weren't planning to, but just in case, don't. The people at GWAVA didn't write it, they licensed it from the author. It has known bugs (or did when I tried using it circa GW v6.5/7) and last I heard GWAVA didn't have the source code and the author had no intention of fixing it.

Let me guess: the requirement for some uber-HTML in your corp signature/disclaimer is being driven by some PHB (or worse, in-house lawyers), right? And they have no comprehension (and even if they did, they wouldn't care) that adding HTML to E-Mail increases the probability it will be tagged as SPAM, is annoying to people who deliberately avoid HTML-enabled mail-readers, and is even more worthless than a plain-text disclaimer, right?

Assuming that this is all being driven by someone whose cranium is a Clue-Free Zone, any chance that the reply "Look, this is what we can do, we don't need the pink hippos in orange tutus anyway" will fly? If so, I'd start with that.

If not, then is your GWIA directly connected to the Internet, or do you have some sort of SPAM filter or other intermediary SMTP gateway between your GWIA and the rest of the world?

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