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select destination folders based on login


I use a simple 1 page cms-system for simple sites. what i want to do is "load" different destination folders based on the username that is used to login. (no databases used)
> i can add the username / password combinations in the settings file, along with the correct folders

so the username and the folder-settings are in the settings file that is included:
define ("USERN", "admin"); //Site username
define ("PASSW", 'test'); //Site password
$IMAGEDIR = 'uploaded/admin/images/';  // for images
and so on.

so if username "admin2" is used to log in it should look like this:
define ("USERN", "admin2"); //Site username
define ("PASSW", 'test2'); //Site password
$IMAGEDIR = 'uploaded/admin2/images/';  // for admin2's images

how can i do this?

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Lukasz ChmielewskiCommented:
If your user logs in with let's say $username = "admin1"

define ("USERN", $username); //Site username
define ("PASSW", 'test2'); //Site password
$IMAGEDIR = 'uploaded/$username/images/';
personaly i would santitise the username before you use it, best would be to authenticate with the user first in the db then use the DB username in the directory path if auth passed, that way what the user enters onthe front end is never directly entered into file paths etc


mysql_query(sprintf("SELECT * FROM users WHERE username ='%s';",mysql_real_escape_string($username)));
$row = mysql_fetch_array( $result );

define ("USERN", $row['username']); //Site username
define ("PASSW",$row['password']); //Site password
$IMAGEDIR = 'uploaded/'.$row['username'].'/images/';

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peps03Author Commented:
@ Roads_Roads,

Thanks very much for your reply. Could react earlier, sorry.

It almost works as i want it to, except for this line:

$ALLOWEDFILES = array ('html/'.$username.'/*.html', 'html/'.$username.'/*.php');

what am i doing wrong here?

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dont know exactly what you are trying to do with that line but i would write that as....

$ALLOWEDFILES = array ('html/'.$row['username'].'/*.html', 'html/'.$row['username'].'/*.php');
peps03Author Commented:
$username indicates a folder, but is isn't working like this:

should this work?

$ALLOWEDFILES = array ('html/'.$username.'/*.html', 'html/'.$username.'/*.php');

supposed to output:
$ALLOWEDFILES = array ('html/folder/*.html', 'html/folder/*.php');
peps03Author Commented:

it works so far..
but, how will i now make multiple users?

$username = "john"; // user1
$username = "mark"; // user2
define ("USERN", $username);
//Site password
define ("PASSW", 'test');
peps03Author Commented:
After a lot of trying i got it working, with the directions you gave me!

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