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Move camcorder movies to SD memory card

Someone just dropped a Sony HD camcorder on my desk along with a SD memory card and asked that I transfer the movies to the card so we can burn a dvd.  I'm fine and dandy with burning the dvd, but I need to get the movies onto the card first.  All camcorders are obviously different, but I'm looking for any suggestions as to how to copy videos saved on the device memory to the memory card.  I've gone through the manual, but it assumes you were saving on the card all along and skips that part.  When you insert the card it doesn't 'do' anything, so that's out.  Anyone have any experience with Sony camcorders?  Is this even possible?
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Not Sony but If memory serves me some cameras need to activate the  SD memory card
via a switch on the camera
at the bottom or in some small hidden nook underneath, Sony may also support only certain dual sticks.
if you can post this camera specs so I can take a look at it's image maybe I can find that switch
Doesnt it support any firwire connection to the pc?
k37744Author Commented:
Thank you so much for your reply.  This is a Sony AVCHD DVD camcorder.  And now that I'm looking closer into the manual, I see that they only ever mention capturing "still images" onto the memory card, which would make sense because of the limited size of the card.  He brought the dock into today, (but of course no disk), so I'm going to attempt to hunt down the software and go from there.  If you have any other tips or tricks for this part, I would appreciate your expertise as well!  
Here's the online manual k37744:
Inputs and Outputs
LANC Terminal: Yes (Stereo Mini)
Analog Audio/Video Input(s): N/A
Analog Audio/Video Output(s): Yes (Multi A/V)
Digital Audio/Video Input(s): Yes (via USB2.0)sup>2<<<<<<

Why not just burn it to the internal DVD
but do finalise this then take the mini DVD out and put into PC and then either copy the DVD Video_TS as is
this VIDEO_TS folder can be burnt to a DVD-r as is but donot include the folder only the contents
I can show you how to using Nero burning rom. Or Windows live movie maker in windows 7
Then put the mini DVD back in and unfinalise it
Here's the go to get the video onto the PC using wondershare
k37744Author Commented:
The software that came with the camcorder ended up hosing my laptop, so my final solution was to copy the .MTS files to my desktop and convert them to .VOD files with AVS video converter ($59).  I truly appreciate your help and even though my way was the long way, I at least get this off my desk.  :)
Oh dear sounds painful  k37744, I hope your friend appreciates your efforts.
Wish I had known the format could have offered you free tools, or work arounds
so just incase you might like to try it..
I use Super video converter it supports just about anything. And is very easy to use
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