How to authenticate external site users (coldfusion web app) into sharepoint site?

Hi Guys,

Can someone please tell me how to authenticate external web application (cold fusion) users into sharepoint site using single sign on?

I mean to say we have our intranet in sharepoint 2010. We want to have feature where our users can access external coldfusion web application which requires username and password to get access of it. How can I implement a mechanism where we can authenticate coldfusion web app users into out sharepoint intranet site?
Please let me know. Thank you.

Baldev Patel
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cdrivedaveConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If I'm understanding correctly, you can't pass authentication across servers from sharepoint into the the cf website that's outside of the intranet.

What you want to do is enable NTLM authentication on the cf website and add the domain to your trusted sites in the internet control panel. This will allow IE to pass the credentials of the currently logged in user to the cf website, alleviating the need for double-credential-typing.

Christopher WhiteTeam LeadCommented:
I used to know a C-Drive internet cafe in Hillcrest SA. There was a Dave there as well that you ?

When you say external site. Do you mean within your network or hosted outside of it. As Dave has mentioned NTLM is probably the best option.

Afraid not -- California weather would be a welcome change though... :)

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Erm, not sure where I read California out of that. Haha...
Christopher WhiteTeam LeadCommented:
Lol, Not to bother. I knew a Dave who left to the UK from South Africa. Would have been legendary ! :)  
rgosai6149Author Commented:
didnt help
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