Cisco Sparse Multicast using a single layer 3 switch and multiple layer 2 devices

I am trying to understand multicast for sparse if RP need to be configured. I have a layer 3 switch and multiple vlans with several layer 2 switches connected to it.

An example would be if I have a source on vlan 2 and a client on vlan 3. Based on understanding, I would just need to enable multicast routing and ip pim sparse mode on the required vlans; not too sure if an RP is required since the traffic is within the layer 3 switch and layer 2 switches. An example of the network diagram is as follows:

Source ----- (vlan 1) ---layer 3 switch ------layer 2 switch----vlan 2----client PC

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kdearingConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You don't need an RP.

PIM sparse or dense mode will work for what you want.

If your switch is capable, take a look at MVR instead, it works great.
I agree, additionally, you should also consider IGMP snopping for layer 2.

cwtangAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the clearing my doubt. I was under the impression that rp would still be required despite a single switch due to the multiple layer 3 SVI.  

Thanks for the assistance.
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