how to port mirror on Cisco Small Business Pro (SRP527W)

We have an issue that I believe some staff are using MSN Messenger extensively for non business discussions.
We don't want to block Messenger as we have Home Workers and over seas workers that we communicate with over messenger.
I Want to setup port mirroring so that I can use one of the MSN Spy applications to gather evidence.

How can I setup port mirroring on our Router?

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rolledoatsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Gary, the SRP527W does not support port mirroring. The best solution would be to insert a switch that supports port mirroring inline with the traffic or if you have an old style ethernet "hub" which is not a switch then this mirrors all traffic on all ports. If you don't have anything suitable I suggest getting a Mikrotik switch or router for about £20-30.
Gary2SevenConsultantAuthor Commented:

We have a D-Link DES-1016D switch. My understanding is that this wouild not mirror traffic and has no configuration to do so.

For anyone else reading this DON'T BUY Cisco Small Business products, there more like home products, everytime I try and configure anything - Port Fowarding, VPN and now Mirrorring these products don't fully support them!
Gary2SevenConsultantAuthor Commented:
Any suggestions on a Router to replace the SRP527W?

Need to have ADSL & WiFi and FULLY support VPN, Port Fowarding, VOIP and port Mirroring.

We use Mikrotik extensively as its rock solid, supports vast amount of network solutions and is low cost. There is command line and front end.

It also supports L7 filtering, packet sniffing, content caching - you will be amazed at what this system does.

You can also spend loads on a higher spec cisco

regards Howard
CCNP, 20 years Cisco.
For VOIP I suggest elastix
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