Unable to access draytek router admin web page from IP address


I have a Draytek Vigor 2820n (about 12month old) - recently, after a period of time (usually 12 hours plus after restarting the unit) I find I am unable to access the web admin pages for the router via its IP address.

So normally I put in into my browser and the router admin page login comes up - I login and away I go. But when this 'fault' develops typing takes me to a search page for '' on google.

At first I put this down to a fault with the unit and have RMA'd it once but the fault persists.

Also I have now tried my spare Vigor 2800 and that is now doing the same - so this does not appear to be a problem with the router (unless they have both developed the same fault).

I have 5 or 6 clients who use the draytek 2820n and I've not seen this problem before.

IPCONFIG /ALL says that the DHCP, DNS, Gateway addresses are correct (
This problem occurs on all PCs on the network.
The problem occurs regardless of browser (tried IE8 and Firefox 3.6)

Restarting the unit cures the problem.
Internet access from network PCs via the router is unaffected.
I can ping the unit no problem.

I have disconnected all PCs from the network and connected a single laptop - problem remains.

Restarting the unit fixes the problem.

Other info which may or not be relevant.

I've moved premises recently (and ISP) - this problem only seems to have occurred since the move (would seem this is relevant - but don't see how). Computer equipment connected to the router is pretty much the same.

The unit drops the line (usually at least once a day), automatically restablishes, time of line drop does not seem to coincide the fault described above occuring. The reliability of the line is something I can't look at until I can reliably look at the web admin pages.

So - what is causing this and how do I fix it ?
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q2qConnect With a Mentor Commented:
When the problem begins to happen, can you telnet into the device.
eg telnet [router ip]
If the management has bombed out, you wouldnt be able to connect to this either.

Another option (and this is very unlikely)
Someone on your network is doing an arp attack
quick easy way to check
using a command prompt (when you have the problem)
type arp -a
find your interfaces gateway on the list and check the mac address matchs that on the lan of the draytek (can be found on the systekm status page of the router)

If it doesnt someone on your network is being naughty and routing traffic thorugh their pc (usually to capture passwords etc)

A few problems such may occur when someone is doing something like this. Its a slim chance but as you have used multiple drayteks thought it was worth mentioning.

Failing this it may be as simple as having two devices with the same ip address on the network.
Hope this helps
Ernie BeekExpertCommented:
Well the first thing you could check is: is the firmware up to date? If no, update that first to see if that resolves anything.
rcscsAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your interest.

Both units are running the latest firmware releases - I have also tried reverting to previous versions.
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Ernie BeekExpertCommented:
I have had similar issues with some machines on my network. In my case it helped to type the complete URL, like or
Haven't figured out yet what was causing that though.
rcscsAuthor Commented:
Thanks - tried that.

I've tried most of the obvious things.

I was sure it was the unit itself and was about to RMA it again.

But now I've seen my spare 2800 do the same its made me wonder if its something else.
rcscsAuthor Commented:
Hi q2q

thanks your suggestions.

I tried the arp check before reboot (when the management page is unavailable) and after (when it is). Both look to be OK - the Mac address for (the router) matches that which I see on the draytek web management status page.

When the problem occurs and the management page is unavailable telnet is also 'broken' - after reboot telnet is accessible once again.

I think the next thing I will try is to just connect one pc to the router (disable wireless etc) and see how long its lasts before the management bombs out. I can do this for a 12 hour period - usually the fault develops before that length of time.

rcscsConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:

Ok its now been 24 hours since I reset the unit to its factory default settings.

The web management has been available without a problem since the reset (also the line has not dropped either).

I have left the DoS Defence Service disabled (was previously enabled).
I have left the wireless LAN disabled on the device (was previously enabled).
I have not setup any LAN-2-LAN VPN connections (there was one previously).

I am now going to enable the wireless and see what happens...

One step at a time.
rcscsAuthor Commented:
Well the factory reset seems to have done the trick.

Strange, as I had already done this when the unit came back from the RMA repair.

So kind of fixed this myself but I've awarded points to g2g as he/she suggested things that I hadn't thought to try - and I learnt something in the process :)
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