extend my windows desktop onto this monitor won't stay checked


Dell optiplex 760 desktop with add in video card. Bios is set to use the add in card as primary.

Unit boots to the built in video card?

I can mirror the monitors but when I try to extend it won't stay checked or says the monitor is disabled and needs to be disabled.

There is an intel graphics icon in my tray. Is the intel software over writing or conflicting with the windows software.

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warrenkerriganConnect With a Mentor Commented:
This may be a simple problem (or not). Are you sure you have selected the secondary monitor when you are trying to extend? Try pressing the re-detect button and them make sure you are on monitor two.

Also there may be some customer graphics card software that is blocking it. Are there any control panels from your graphics card company? If not, are there any that you can download that might give you more control?
KsLIVERConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Is the card new?  Is it an Intel card?  I'm suspecting the card isn't an Intel, but the intel drivers are there for an onboard card.

If so, uninstall Intel drivers, and install the model / make of videocard drivers.
Jamesey1Author Commented:
I've selected the second monitor. Identify will show me which monitor is which. I'm trying to extend from the properties panel. (Doesn't matter which monitor I access it from I can choose which monitor from there)

there is a custom graphics utility from intel. I'll check if they have something 'updated' as the one they have simply doesn't recognize that another monitor is plugged in.

'intel graphics media accelerator driver' is what appears in the system tray
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Usually if you right-click on the icon, you can define your output options.
Jamesey1Author Commented:
Right clicking on the monitor icon yields me (attached, primary, identify and properties) prmary and identify are grayed out. Properties brings me to the same window as advanced.

I'm going to try and grab a tool to find out what the card is without cracking the case.
Jamesey1Author Commented:
I tried running aida32 but all I got was intel 4 series express chipset shown twice.

How else can I determin the card without cracking the case?
Jamesey1Author Commented:
Hmm, any which way I try it seems the onboard video wants to be primary and I can mirror to the monitor on the add in card. If I change resolution on the monitor on the add in card I lose the setup. If I try to swap primary monitors I lose it. If I try to extend the desktop I lose it. (The monitor on the onboard goes dark and to bring the system back requires a reboot.)

I uninstalled and reinstalled the drives.

No spyware doctor 6 installed. (Saw that in another post).

Tried without the intel management software installed and still nothign. (generic detected drivers through the chipset were used.)

Specs on the site suggest an ATI card if you have something in the videocard slot that you didn't add as an aftermarket...
Jamesey1Author Commented:
There seemed to be particular order to doing things. After reboot first go into the intel video software and setup dual monitors. If you try through windows it will go all goofy. Once the intel software is setup I can use windows software as well but I must go to intel first.

Many thanks for all your insight
Jamesey1Author Commented:
Many thanks for your input
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