Do you know a place in USA that sells Velvet Tamarind (dialium indum)?

Do you know a place in USA that sells Velvet Tamarind? I am looking to see if it is sold in some local store somewhere in the USA. If you have seen sold somewhere in the USA please  let me know.  It is called Velvet Tamarind in english, also it is called dialium indum in latin

here is a picture of what it looks like


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nickg5Connect With a Mentor Commented:
here you go.

Look on the right, and look at "all" he sells and the list is very long.

I see your item there on his list.
He is in N.Y. so give him a call.

dhsindyRetired considering supplemental income.Commented:
I cannot find any for sale or exporters that have any for sale.  My research indicates there are none of these under cultivation.  Best chance of obtaining these are in the several areas where they grow wild.  Source: see wikipedia - velvet tamarind.

Vendors sold these at sporting events many years ago when I was in Thailand for a short time.
nickg5Connect With a Mentor Commented:
May 26th
A person located in Malaysia said the fruit is only available at certain times of the year and they think the season is now over.

Since they said that in May and we are near May, it may not be the right season to find them even in their native country like Malaysia or Thailand.

Look here and you see people saying the type of markets where to find them:
Indian Stores
Asian Stores
Mexican Stores

What is your city? Most large U.S. cities have Asian and Mexican stores. Calling or visiting 1+ of them might allow the store managers to give you some leads on where to find it.

You might look on Craigslist for Kuala Lumpur and in the "wanted to buy" section, just place as ad and ask if there is any business, in that Malaysian city that ships the seeds to USA. I would think the cost to get a small package of seeds shipped, might be fairly low and you can grow your own.

What is the climate where you are?

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onlinerackAuthor Commented:
I am in Washington DC, but I am willing to buy it from anywhere in the USA (shipped to me or something).
onlinerackAuthor Commented:
I am not looking for tamarind, I am looking for velvet tamarind (as in the picture above). They are different. :)
Since the origin is Asia, I'd still think those people are correct when they suggest an Indian, Asian, or Mexican store. (Indian being India and not native Americans)
nickg5Connect With a Mentor Commented:

Not all Tropical fruits are offered at Sal's but if you shop regularly at Sal's you will find some of the freshest and best priced tropical fruits available anywhere.  
Fruit Banana
Apple Banana
Baby Banana
Baking Banana
Red banana
One seed
Golden Apple
Indian Jujube
Ita Palm
Mammey Apple
Mammey Sapote Malay Apple
Otaheite gooseberry
Peach Palm
Rose Apple
Star Nut Palm
Surinam Cherry
Sea Grape

>>>>  Velvet Tamarind

and many, many more........
RickConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You could contact Mr. Sarana Nusantara and ask if he knows

onlinerackAuthor Commented:
Sorry guys. just wanted to check if anyone has come up with anything additional. if I do not hear back will go ahead and distribute the points over ou guys.
thank you once again for your help
Sal's did not have any?
onlinerackAuthor Commented:
Thanks guys
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