Remote Application in delphi

Hello experts.
Please help me.

I need to write a delphi application that work same as client/server.
The server application need to open a port and to be remote controlled.
If someone have an ideea please write it.
Example : i run a exe file on a PC.
From other pc i can view the program state and to control it (send commands and other)
Please help, suggest anything.
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Geert GConnect With a Mentor Oracle dbaCommented:
if it's not in a LAN/WAN network, then it doesn't work

then you need a place like internet to which both places have access
like a ftp site

you put text files on that ftp site, and interpret them on each side

You can use TServerSocket and TCkientSocket and send messages from the Server to the Client, and vise verse, and whenever a message is received just interpret that message as per stored keywords then perform the desired action.
helyonprime96Author Commented:
thanks.Can you give an example?

question : how can i will coneect to server if client will not be into a lan network?
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TServerSocket and TClientSocket are designed to read and write data over a TCP/IP connection.
BTW which Delphi and OS version you are using
@ Geert
I haven't tested this over the Internet but I believe it's a matter of configuration.

Foundations of Socket Programming

To understand the behavior of the socket components, you need to be confident with several terms related to the Internet in general and with sockets in particular. The heart of the Internet is the Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP), a combination of two separate protocols that work together to provide connections over the Internet (and that can also provide connection over a private intranet). In brief, IP is responsible for defining and routing the datagrams (Internet transmission units) and specifying the addressing scheme. TCP is responsible for higher-level transport services.

Let's try this simple example from
helyonprime96Author Commented:
ok. but how works programs like Radmin?
Geert GOracle dbaCommented:
radmin works in a local network
actually everything works only in a local network

in your network config you indicate in what range you work
local : 192.168.x.x
on internet you get adresses like
if you want access from your local pc to the pc over internet
1: allow access on the pc (open port, portforwarding)
2: set the firewall so it doesn't block the traffic for that app on that pc
3: make the pc visible on the internet (make public ip adres)

you should change zones and include networking, internet protocols
you'll get more info like that

this is a pure network problem, not a programming problem
helyonprime96Author Commented:
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