I am getting permissions error when sending and receiving in MS Outlook 2010

I get the error  "You don't have permissions to perform this operation" when trying to send and receive in MS Outlook 2010.   The error does not occur if I run as an administrator.

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racastillojrConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Yes, try readding the account. Before removing and re-adding, don't forget to copy the existing emails to a pst on your desktop just in case the emails are not saved on the account you are connecting.
Are you using an exchange account? If so, create a new outlook profile and connect the exchange account. See if you get the same error with the new profile.
tremontexpertAuthor Commented:
It is a straight PST Pop account.   No exchange.    Do you think I should just try recreating it?

tremontexpertAuthor Commented:
Great idea.   Thanks for the tips....  Will let you know...
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