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I was wondering how the MOSS Record Center permission works. Let say for instance base on a policy you route a documents from a Doc Library A to a Record Center Doc Library B. Let say user and document owner on Doc Librabry A wants to have access to his/her document, would he/she be able to access the doc with setting new permissions. I n other words, does Record Center keeps the item level permission from its origin.

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snazaireSharePoint AdminAsked:
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Just got the answer from Microsoft.

Users permissions to documents in the source site don’t apply to the Record Center after documents had been routed. Record Center is a another site located in the same web application as your source site or in a different web application which has its own default groups and permission levels. To retain user permissions for the documents, users should be granted appropriate permissions to the Record Center sites by the Administrators.

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snazaireSharePoint AdminAuthor Commented:
The question has not received any attention and no answer was provided.
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