how to deal with getpivotdata returing #ref!

I have a pivot that shows data over time and includes historical data. A table that references that pivot shows the data for each month in the year, so, when the current year is selected, some cell have a #ref! because that month hasn't occurred yet and there's no data in the pivot, or, historically we don't have all the data for a previous year.

We need to be compatible with 2003, so, iserror is out and we also need to chart and do formulas based on the table (that get it's data from the pivot).

I also would like it so that if I sum 3 months (for a quarter) that all have no data, the result would be blank and not 0.

I did try =if(isref(getpivotdata(xxx), getpivotdata(xxx),"")
but, summing 3 cells like that, that are "", returns 0 and I'd rather have the result be blank, and, that formula seems rather long.

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Rob HensonFinance AnalystCommented:
You can use iserror in 2003 so this would work:


Rob H
Depending on what version of Excel you're using, you can go into the OPtions and Advanced then uncheck 'Show zero in cells that have a zero value' (Excel 2010).

As for the other part  in your question, hope someone else can give you a solution.

avoorheisAuthor Commented:
using excel 2007, but, must be compatible with 2003
here's a wee link:

It's for Excel 2003 so you should be able to do any of the methods listed in this article.

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