Disable WiFi, EXCEPT secure connections

Currently we disable WiFi on our company owned laptops, requiring off network users to cable up for access. We force VPN connection to network before allowing Internet Browsing.

It there a way to enable WiFi for ONLY secure connections with a particular encryption? Maybe a GPO setting?

Basically we would allow users to use WiFi IF the network they are connecting to is secured.

Does anyone know if that is possible and how you might go about doing that?

Thanks Amy
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Hmmm... I came across a MS article about expanding the GPO capabilities of a server:


but I don't know if this will have the specific policy you're looking for.
Here's a grood link on creating WiFi policies:


but the granularity you are looking for does not seem to be available.
SBSIAdminAuthor Commented:
I believe what we are looking for does not exist, without tremendous cost. The solution given shoudl be an excellent work around.
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