Unable to login to SharePoint with different hostname

I just installed Sharepoint 2010. My machine name is FarhanVM, so the Central Administration URL is http://farhanvm:9999/

This is setup on the domain farhantest.com (I have a DNS server running so that it resolves)
I setup sharepoint.farhantest.com to be my machine running Sharepoint/IIS

When I create a Web Application using the hostname farhanvm, everything works great. But, if the Web Application's hostname is sharepoint.farhantest.com, I receive a login prompt, but am unable to login even as the Administrator.

How do I fix this problem so that Sharepoint.FarhanTest.com works?
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jessc7Connect With a Mentor Commented:
If I understand you correctly, you are unable to access sharepoint.farhantest.com from the SharePoint server itself, but you can from a separate machine.

If that is correct, try disabling the loopback check on the SharePoint server. See this KB, and look at method #2 to resolve:

If there is no machine named sharepoint on your network then this can't work. Can you name your machine sharepoint??
pzkhanAuthor Commented:
There is. Sharepoint.farhantest.com is set to the same IP as FarhanVM. Going to SharePoint.FarhanTest.com gets me to a login page. But I cannot login, even as Administrator, from the login page.
pzkhanAuthor Commented:
Sharepoint must be accessed from a separate machine to have a different host-name work. I just used IE on the host machine (not the VM) to get into SharePoint.FarhanTest.com site and it worked.
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