Where are the bookmarks imported from Firefox?

I just installed Google Chrome and imported the bookmarks from Firefox, but only some of them are visible in the toolbar.   How can I see the others?
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Marc ZConnect With a Mentor Commented:
DoctorK, before Importing, did you use FF bookmark manager to Export your bookmarks as HTML?  If not, do that, then import that file.
Mark StegglesWeb DeveloperCommented:

Please see this page in google chrome help - http://www.google.com/support/chrome/bin/answer.py?answer=95714

Hope this helps
DoctorK12008Author Commented:
I can only see a few of the bookmarks from Firefox.   I have over 30 in Firefox.   I tried importing several times, with the same result.
DoctorK12008Author Commented:
Worked perfectly.   Thank you!
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