Search accoss all mailboxs in Exchange 2007

We have a single server Exchange 2007 setup. We need to search all stores / mailboxes for any emails sent to or recived from a particualr person (external email address), we then need to extract all the emails (not delete) and move to an Admin mailbox (or some other place) to be reviewed for legal reasons. Is this possible and how? Details instruction please.
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OctInvConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can achieve this by using Exchange Management Shell cmlts:

get-mailbox -server NameofMailboxServer | export-mailbox -TargetMailbox "NameofMailboxtoImportInto" -targetFolder exportedmail -SenderKeyWords ""
Adam BrownSr Solutions ArchitectCommented:
This is pretty tricky without third party software or journalling. If you were utilizing a Journalling account, this would be easy, since journalling allows you to send a copy of all emails to a specific user account as they are received (You may want to get this set up for the future, but there are some legal issues that can come up, so be careful about it).

If you don't have journalling already, the best way I can think of doing it is to run the Message Tracking utility in the toolbox to figure out which users received messages from the person in question (Your tracking logs may need to go back pretty far for this to work right). Once you have the users that received mail from the individual, the only way to pull them out, realistically, is to access their Exchange Mailbox through OWA or Outlook, find the email, and forward it from there.
The above command will search for mail sent from a person, if you also want to search for messages sent to that person it is a simple change:

get-mailbox -server NameofMailboxServer | export-mailbox -TargetMailbox "NameofMailboxtoImportInto" -targetFolder exportedmail -RecipientKeyWords ""
OctInvConnect With a Mentor Commented:
And even narrow it down with keyword searches within the messages from that user:

get-mailbox -server NameofMailboxServer | export-mailbox -TargetMailbox "NameofMailboxtoImportInto" -targetFolder exportedmail -SenderKeyWords "" -AllContentKeyWords ("word1","word2","word3")

Powershell is your best friend when it comes to managing Exchange 2007 upwards.
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