Internet Explorer 9 shows a white screen

Reinstalled windows 7 on my system. The first application I installed was Internet Explorer 9. It installs fine but when it opens the screen is all white. When I move the mouse around in it I could see the links changing at the bottom of the page but the IE window is all one color, white. I try to reinstall IE9 but it tells me that my system already has a newer version of the application installed. Which may be correct but it does not work. It is a good thing they released Firefox 4 or I might not be able to ask for help.

How could I reinstall IE9 or how might I fix this problem

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saastechConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Have you tried uninstalling IE9 rather than re-installing it?
Randy DownsConnect With a Mentor OWNERCommented:
Ahh now that I re-read your article I see you do have IE9. Just uninstall and take IE8 which has been around a while.
ruffoneAuthor Commented:
It is warning me of dyer consequences if I did so I got scared. Is it safe to uninstall it?
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IE9 is still unstable from what i read. I would go back to using IE8.
ruffoneAuthor Commented:
IE8 works fine
Instead uninstall and reinstall ie9, try this:
1 - Close all Internet Explorer windows
2 - Click Start
3 - Type Internet Options and press Enter on your keyboard
4 - Click the Advanced tab
5 - Check the Use software rendering instead of GPU rendering* box (let us know if this box is greyed out)
6 - Click OK
7 - Open Internet Explorer eorking fine.
Asta CuCommented:
Installed IE9 on a laptop with Windows 7 Home Edition which is a 64 bit system, and although the installation was time consuming, even on a DSL line it eventually did all its incremental updates.

This system has McAfee Total Protection running, and the installation process advised that the successful installation would require logging off, closing down currently running aps, and I had many, and I approved it.  Perhaps when you did the W7 reinstallation, some of the original IE files were missing, or maybe key graphics card drivers are missing.

 I too saw the white screen then a small screen on the bottom with Add On options.  I downloaded the add-ons I needed that were I needed which was the Adobe Flash Player wasn't yet available for IE9.  This was as of last week.  I have auto update on for Windows Update and just checked it when I saw this question and it shows SP1 installed.  

It has been completely functional and faster than prior versions, but that's on one system only.  I'm very interested in your issue, since I've not yet ventured to update my primary work-horse system.  

Curious which Windows version you reinstalled, and why you did a reinstall.  Just to rule out that there may have been some significant intrusions on your system, component problems, etc. that caused you to have to reinstall.  Was a repair involved?

Prior to installing the first time, I checked out things on this link, in the event it is also helpful to you.

This also was helpful to me.  cut/paste from the source and link follows.
When you install Windows Internet Explorer 9, additional prerequisite software and components are also installed. The prerequisites vary, depending on the operating system that you use.

Best of luck.  Very interested in your outcome and shared solutions.

Asta ":0)

Asta CuCommented:
I suspect that being in the reinstall phase, some update processes didn't complete, so IE9 could not complete.   This link is key because it addresses the process, the prerequisites and the issues that can get in the way..
Asta CuCommented:
My final update, and sorry for the multiple inputs, but working and little time.  

How to solve Internet Explorer 9 installation problems
You may receive an error message when you try to install Windows Internet Explorer 9. There are various causes for installation problems. This article presents troubleshooting methods that you can use to try to resolve the problem.
Method 1: Make sure that your system meets the minimum operating system requirements
Method 2: Try an alternative Internet Explorer 9 installer
Method 3: Make sure that Internet Explorer 9 prerequisites are installed
Method 4: Make sure that installation of other updates or a restart is not pending
Method 5: Temporarily disable antispyware and antivirus software
 SOURCE LINK for the above with much more detail here:

Asta CuCommented:
Are you still interested in this?

I've installed IE9 on 10 computers now and worked with others who had similar issues.  Most often, they did not minimize the front screen to see the background screen that required shutting down explorer, and other open applications long enough to complete the installation.  Could that have been your issue?

Thanks to you mtasystem!

Your post did lead me to the right solution, on a Vista machine with VIA Chrome9 display driver after several hours trials, but with modifications as follows:
Instead uninstall and reinstall ie9, try this:
1 - Not needed -> ( Close all Internet Explorer windows)
2 - Not needed -> (Click Start)    But, Instead -> Open Internet Explorer 9
3 - Not needed -> (Type Internet Options and press Enter on your keyboard)    But, instead -> Press Alt to get the Menu Bar and click -> Tools -> Internet Opt.
4 - Click the Advanced tab
5 - Check the Use software rendering instead of GPU rendering* box (let us know if this box is greyed out)
6 - Click -> Apply -> OK
7 - Internet Explorer 9 working fine instantly!

For note, previously I did already try to solve the problem updating the display driver, but it didn't help, because the graphic acceleration option was still grayed also on the newer driver and not possible to get disabled.

Best regards,

Pete V.
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