extract path from file path in php

How can I extract the path from a path to a file in php?
The path could be either UNC or local path so either \ or /
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I putted this together,
let me know if this doenst work for you because of some other demands:

preg_match('#(.*)' . DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR . '.*$#', $_SERVER['SCRIPT_FILENAME'], $aMatch);
echo $aMatch[1];

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NewtonianBAuthor Commented:
Thanks Rik and how would I find the directory seperator?
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Rik-LeggerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You don't need to find it,
it is an PHP constant which is filled with the right seperator.
No need to find it out for yourselff.
Works out of the box :)
NewtonianBAuthor Commented:
Ah ok, I just tried but it gives me back the entire path
Can you show me the result you get?
NewtonianBConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
fantastic tsmgeek works in all my scenarios thanks
NewtonianBAuthor Commented:
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