Graphics Card Compatibility

I have a HP Media Center m7470n that has integrated ATI Radeon Xpress 200 Graphics.  I upgraded to Windows 7 but it was pretty slow with graphics so I upgraded the power supply and tried to install a Nvidia GeForce 210 1024MB DDR2 graphics card but when I do that I lose all video  signals and my monitor powers down.  I have tried enabling the PCI express slot as the primary slot in the BIOS.  I have reverted back to Windows XP Media Center Edition.  I have uninstalled the integrated graphics drivers.  Still every time I plug the card in plug and play doesn't detect the card and if I tried to manually install it in device manager it still can't find it.  If I try to reboot with the card in my monitor won't get the signal feed.  The motherboard is a MS-7184 and the BIOS is updated.  I'm beginning to feel that I'm missing something obvious.  What am I doing wrong?
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uanmiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi, normally you can do the following:
1. uninstall any video drivers and reboot.
2. The system should boot into VGA mode.
3. check that it is in VGA mode and if it tries to install new drivers prevent this.
4. reboot and go to the bios. Turn off the integrated video. Save, reboot and turn the power off before it goes to the OS.
5. Check power is off - open PC and install new video card
6. Power on, let PC find new video card and install drivers

regards, mark
Have you tested the card in another PC?
First common thing is when installing graphics card no need to install integrated graphics drives so uninstall any drivers u loaded.

Check the monitor cable where u r connecting, it should be connected to graphics card.

In bios select graphics setting to auto it will detect ur graphics card automatically.
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pankaj0079, thank you for restating the what I have provided in the step by step instructions provided above your comment.
I believe you either have a bad card or it's not compatible. If you can test it as suggested by AustinComputerLabs you will know whether you want to return it for replacement or for a different model.
charismatic100Author Commented:
I thought I had gone through these steps already but somehow just having the steps and going back through and following them again worked.  Thank you for the step by step that was awesome!
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