Outlook Contacts - Move "other" field to "mobile" field - can I automate?

A client has just moved from a Nokia to iphone and we are for the first time for this user synchronising his contact / emails with the exchange server.

We manually imported into Outlook his existing Nokia contacts (about 1000) which was achieved using the Nokia software and we had them placed into a subfolder within his Outlook contacts (called "Mobile Contacts" as opposed to the already 3000 or so contacts that already were within OUtlook)

The problem is, getting the contacts from the Nokia to Outlook has resulted in the actual important mobile / cell number being placed into the Outlook contacts "other" field in about 70% of cases.

The further problem is that the iphone wont display this information contained within the Outlook "other" field, resulting in the user not having any actual mobile numbers for the majority of his contacts.

Frustrating! I can fix this by login into his Outlook and for each contact simply moving the mobile /cell number from the "Other" field, into the "Mobile" or any other primary phone field (e.g. "home Phone").
But I don't really want to spend my Saturday doing this for about 700 contacts.

Is there an automated way of looking at a contact and moving the "other" data to the "Mobile" field data (only when the mobile field data is empty - remember some of the contacts seem to be OK)

Many thanks for any input on this.

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Alan HardistyCo-OwnerCommented:
You can export the contacts to a CSV file, open the file in Excel, manipulate the Other Field / Mobile Field and then import the contacts back.

Before you import, I would move the contacts in Outlook into a new contacts folder so that when you import, if it goes wrong, you can delete them and start again and you still have your original contacts intact as a backup.

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Use this simple powershell script to solve this task. This is a script you will have to run on the computer were Outlook with these contacts are..

Just code the code snippet into the powershell.

$outlook = new-object -com outlook.application
$contacts = $outlook.Session.GetDefaultFolder(10)
$contacts.Items | % { if($_.MobileTelephoneNumber -eq "") { $_.MobileTelephoneNumber = $_.OtherTelephoneNumber; $_.OtherTelephoneNumber = ""; $_.save() } }

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afflik1923Author Commented:
I never tried the coding solution as I started implementing the Excel one which worked great (in particuar because in practise there were other things that needed fixing)

Code looks good however.
The powershell solution works great. Any way to do on XP machine that does not have  powershell?
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