sbs 2008 /exchange 2007 will not mount

Hi all,

I ve got a sbs 2008 server with exchange 2007 on the database had a problem but ri
unning the database repair tool simed to fix the db and are in a clean state , but will not mount one of them (first storeage group) with the following error - MapiexcptionCallfailed  unable to mount   hr=0x80004005 ec=-515.

can any one point me in the right direction please.

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MidnightOneConnect With a Mentor Commented:
There's likely a missing transaction log that's preventing the mount. is very similar to your problem.
Viral RathodConsultantCommented:
Since your database is in clean shutdown ,Just move all the log files .chk point files to another folder or drive and then mount the store

(all the log files ,.chk files ,res1.log ,Just Leave both database file (edb) and move all the files to any other folder or drive and then try to mount the store)

Letus know if you have any further query's.
AmitIT ArchitectCommented:
awall2012Author Commented:
Hi all , well would you beleave it ,

The exchange console said the DB was clean and shutdown ok,   HOW EVER  that was not the case
ran eseutil /ml "mailbox store.edb" (in the folder)
and it durty ....

ran eseutil /p and fixed it 5 houres later ,mounted ok , but still have othere problems with it. see next queston

oh well there gose the w/e.
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