Narrow search to HTML element with known attribute ID

I have the following code that displays the innerText of all "div"s in URL. I want to add code to limit the innerText contained in the "div" with the ID attribute "content_main_qn" (i.e., ID="content_main_qn"). How do I modify the code to do this?
Dim sb As New System.Text.StringBuilder
        For i As Integer = 0 To Doc.all.length - 1
            Dim hElm As mshtml.IHTMLElement = _
            DirectCast(Doc.all.item(i), mshtml.IHTMLElement)
            Select Case hElm.tagName.ToLower
                'Case "body", "div", "table", "form"
                Case "div"
                Case Else
                    If hElm.innerText <> "" Then
                        sb.Append(hElm.innerText & vbCrLf)
                    End If
            End Select

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You can use getElementsByTagName("DIV") then you can iterate through the collection of objects.
investalertAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your quick reply on a Saturday. I was thinking of using getelementsbyTagName or getelementsbyID. Where and what coding needs to be added to make either getElements... work?
How are you using the code? It looks like your using mshtml so I assume you don't want to use the WebBrowser object? So are you using mshtml .NET import?
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investalertAuthor Commented:
Yes, you are quite observent! Please see the code below.
Dim TextBox3 As New TextBox()
        With TextBox3
            .Text() = "aig"
            .Location = New Point(70, 5)
            .Size = New Size(50, 10)
        End With

        Me.TextBox1.Multiline = True
        Me.TextBox1.ScrollBars = ScrollBars.Both
        Me.TextBox1.Size = New Size(900, 300)

        Dim strSymb As String
        strSymb = TextBox3.Text

        'above only for showing the sample
        Dim Doc As mshtml.IHTMLDocument
        Doc = New mshtml.HTMLDocumentClass
        Dim wbReq As Net.HttpWebRequest = _
            DirectCast(Net.WebRequest.Create("" & strSymb & "&mkttype=after"),  _
        Dim wbResp As Net.HttpWebResponse = _
            DirectCast(wbReq.GetResponse(), Net.HttpWebResponse)
        Dim wbHCol As Net.WebHeaderCollection = wbResp.Headers
        Dim myStream As IO.Stream = wbResp.GetResponseStream()
        Dim myreader As New IO.StreamReader(myStream)

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It should look something like this to to get the collection of DIV elements.
Dim elementCollection As IHTMLElementCollection = Doc.getElementsByTagName("DIV")

For Each element As IHTMLElement In elementCollection

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investalertAuthor Commented:
OK, I can run the code and get a listing of the IDs and ClassNames in the Immediate Window. Now I want the code in my question, at the beginning of my post, to show the innerText contained in the div with ID="content_main_qn" as the ONLY text displayed in TextBox1. The code now displays ALL innerText in all div's at the URL.

FYI, the code in my question comes after the code in my subsequent response. I am using 2010 and the current project runs without errors. I now want to narrow the text displayed in TextBox1 to that in the paragraph above. Thanks!
OK. You could filter for specific DIV in the iteration or if you only want a specific element use GetElementById().
For Each ....
If = "content_main_qn" then
 TextBox1.Text = element.innertext
 Exit For
End if

' OR

Dim element as IHtmlElement = Doc.getElementById("content_main_qn")
TextBox1.Text = element.innerText

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investalertAuthor Commented:
Excellent! I was trying to make the solution more complicated than it should be. Thanks for your rapid response and solution.
investalertAuthor Commented:
Expert provided a direct simple solution that can be expanded to address other queries to web site. Great member of Experts Exchage
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