FULLTEXT index generation crashes MySQL server

I am using MySQL Server 5 and trying to build a FULLTEXT index for a TEXT column of a lengthy table using this command:

ALTER TABLE `dbtest`.`textextracttable` ADD FULLTEXT (`ExtractTextColumn`)

The table has about 1M records. The size of ExtractTextColumn is also very large (designed to store 50 page text documents).

The good news is the error appears exactly after 600.531 sec of execution, which makes me think there is some configuration parameter that times out after 10min.

Thank you for your help.
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yes it does, its also got a mysql client interface (ie you connect to it as if you were connecting to a mysql server)

check the mysql err log, usualy its in the mysql data directory, it may give more info to why you index creation is breaking
have you thought of using somthing like sphinx insted to index that data, its far better for FTS type queries and very very fast imo

ive had queries run far longer than 600s
cyber-33Author Commented:
Well, if MyISAM will not work, I will have to try Sphinx. Is it easy to configure on Windows 7?

Ideally, though, I'd like to go with the MySQL built in functionality. Performance is not a huge consideration at this point...

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