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Cisco ASA may be blocking internet access for nodes in our site???

Hi.  We have a Cisco ASA 5505 firewall as the gateway for our small (2 servers, 7 workstations) office network.

Recently, one of our workstations has been intermittently losing internet access (not network access, just internet).  I don't see anything apparent on the workstation, but I believe that it be a licensing issue with the ASA.  Unfortunately I have little experience with the firewall.

The workstation in question is configured correctly network-wise (static address, only using the internal DC for DNS).  

My first question is how can I tell how many users the box is licensed to support?  My hunch is that we are licensed for 10 and are intermittently ending up with 11 devices on the network (somebody's ipod or smartphone my be coming and going on the wireless).

If this is a licensing issue, I should be able to find some sort of message within the firewall stating that it is blocking access for 'Node X' or IP address x.x.x.x due to licensing restrictions, shouldn't I?'

If I look at the ARP table, I am seeing 10 entries currently.  At this time, I can access the web from all workstations in the building.

Any help would be appreciated... this is extremely frustrating for the one user who continually seems to be getting bumped.
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Jimmy Larsson, CISSP, CEHNetwork and Security consultantCommented:

The current license limitations is showed with the "show  version"-command. "Maxiumum iniside hosts: 10" is most probably seen in your output.

There is no logging telling you that you have reached the license limit. You find out because onlu 10 out of your 11 computers can communicate thru the firewall.

Sorry, but either you have to remove some inside hosts or extend the license of your firewall..

meelnahAuthor Commented:
You are correct... inside hosts :10 is listed in the show version command.

I will look into adding licenses for the device.  

In the interim, can I ensure access to my workstations by removing the gateway for my fileserver (not my DC)?  It technically doesn't need internet access for anything other than windows updates, which I can live without until I get the licensing issue settled.
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