Writing my own OLEDB provider in Delphi

I'm in charge of maintaining an OLEDB provider written in Delphi 5, that uses the OPTK 101 development kit, which dates circa 2002.

The current code has give us headaches for years. Either it was purely implemented, or the development kit does not provide so much base to grow. I can't tell since this is a project among many others I have with this contractor.

Now, the boss want me to move all that development to Delphi XE.

I'm sort of want to start from scratch, i.e. not use that OPTK library, unless I can find an update, or replace with a very good one.

I'm asking for places to start reading, and learning about OLEDB providers.

I'd really appreciate any guidelines.

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Geert GOracle dbaCommented:
devart has really good components

you can purchase them with source code ... saves a lot of work in typing everything yourself :)

If you want something a little bit more updated than OPTK, then you might consider OLEDB Direct, which is as old as 2006:

New stuff, you may have a look at:
Ephraim WangoyaCommented:

If you are using a well known database then there is really no need for you to write your own providers.
Just purchase a commercial one for your particular database, they don cost much

If you are using a propriety format, then Definitely you have to write your own provider but the question I would have is, if its already your format and so you know how to access the data, why would you need to write a provider?

Here are some resources

Another option is to contact Binh Ly and see if there is a possibility of updating the Development Toolkit.
I'm not sure if that works any more

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Ephraim WangoyaCommented:
fischermxAuthor Commented:
Geert Gruez: Devart sells products like the one I'm maintaining.

Jimyx: That's another commercial product.

Ewangoya: Yes, this is a commercial proprietary format that we sell.
I already had the microsoft documentation.
The 3rd link is very good, I'm reading it.
The 4th link is a good kick off point.

fischermxAuthor Commented:
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