How to create Labels with pictures?

Hi experts,

  I'd like to build a label based in a excel database. My excel is a tab delimited file and one of its column has a file name, which is the pictures name.
  I'd like to create an id card with this data and I'd like to use Word to do all this job. I have google it and I saw it is possible to use a logo, however this image would apper in every id card, that's not what I want.
  I want to be able to create picture id, based in a tab excel file. The photo is in the same directory as the tab excel file.
  Please find enclosed an example.
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It isn't clear exactly what you are trying to do. If you want a set of different labels, you could use Mailmerge. The pictures could be in separate files with the locations in a column of the Excel sheet. You would then need to put the merge field into an INCLUDEPICTURE field.

With the field codes showing (Alt+F9 is the toggle), it would look like this:


However, toy say that you do not want the image/s to appear on every card, so we have to know where you do want it/them.
Swapnil NirmalManager, Audit AnalyticsCommented:
Instead of using excel and word, use Access 2007. Please find attached Access database using using the students template. It contains data in students. Further see the report "ID Card" to fulfill your requirement.

Your first problem would be to update excel data in access. use the following code to update jpg in access database. just make the report same as "ID card" to serve your purpose.

   1.     Dim rsJob As DAO.Recordset2
   2.     Dim rsChild As DAO.Recordset2
   3.     Dim field As Field2
   5.     Set rsJob = Me.Recordset
   6.     Set rsChild = rsJob.Fields("attachments").Value
   7.     Set field = rsChild.Fields("filedata")
   9.       rsJob.Edit
  10.       rsChild.AddNew
  11.         field.LoadFromFile ("c:\temp\1.bmp")
  12.       rsChild.Update
  13.       rsJob.Close
  15.     Set fld = Nothing
  16.     Set rsChild = Nothing
  17.     Set rsJob = Nothing

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lusfernandosAuthor Commented:
I have used another steps to help inserting the image.
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